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BUNDLES Phone Grips Glitter Epoxy Resin

BUNDLES Phone Grips Glitter Epoxy Resin

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These designs are protected with glittery epoxy resin, which shines and sparkles and makes it more beautiful!

  • Umaru-chan

  • [OUT OF STOCK] Komi-san

  • [OUT OF STOCK] Detective Pikachu

  • [OUT OF STOCK] Mokke (from Toilet Bound Hanako Kun)

  • Dango Bunnies: Strawberry(pink), Blueberry(blue), Matcha(green), Grape(purple)

  • [OUT OF STOCK] Cotton Candy Sky

  • Strawberry Milk

  • Pink Blossom

  • Blue Blossom

  • White Kitty

  • Black Kitty

  • Kitty Burrito

Closed dimension: 4x4x0.7cm
Height 1: 4x4x1.3cm
Height 2: 4x4x2.1cm

Materials: ABS, TPU, Epoxy, PC, PVC, 3M adhesive
Compatibility: For all brands (iPhone, Samsung, Android, ETC)

This listing features Miivei's original, digitally-drawn artwork. Please do not steal, reuse, or claim artwork as your own for any reason.

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