YCH Peeker Chibis

I’m excited to bring a new YCH (your character here) commission to you all! Thank you for your patience and interest in my commissions! This post is informational only as to what to expect with this commission + a guide of how to order.

There will be 2 different pricing rates because these commissions will ideally be for those interested to make them as car peeker stickers but I will also include a cheaper option for those only looking to use them as a profile picture/icon. I will mostly be prioritizing commercial orders over personal usage ones (but don’t let that stop you from filling out a form once I open)!

What are car peeker stickers? These are stickers that range in size, usually anywhere from 3x3" to 5x6" and are printed on vinyl sticker material so that they can last through tough weather for a few years while on a car. You can get them made at any online sticker shop (I personally recommend Stickermule).

example of a car peeker sticker

Details and Ordering Guide

These will be drawn on a 4x6in/1200x1800px at 300dpi canvas, suitable for printing as a peeker sticker. It is also a good size if you’d like to make it as an acrylic charm!

You will receive:

  • x1 PNG with transparent BG

NOTE: Eye shape is not customizable but you may customize the expression.


  • Non-commercial starts at $75 USD* base price - the artwork will be for personal usage only; ie. profile picture on social media

  • Commercial starts at $175 USD* base price - the artwork can be sold as merchandise; ie. stickers, keychains, prints, t-shirts, etc.

*Pricing is subject to change after the first batch. All invoices sent will include a +13% GST/HST fee

Additional fees will be charged for customization, complex designs, accessories, and customizing the YCH base (ex: exotic animal ears shape).


Included in the base price - Pick 1 in each section:

1. Choose head. Pick #3 if you have animal ears


2. Choose animal ears/horn if applicable. If your specific animal ears aren’t shown, you can choose to pay an additional fee of $5-$15 for customized ears.
animal ears/horn

3. Choose expression. You may request for your own custom expression but it will cost an additional fee. The first expression chosen here is free, if you’d like to get more than one it will be +$5 per additional expression (custom expressions are additional).


4. For the eyes you may choose to have the eyes without the extra eyelash tip. NOTE: Eye shape is not customizable but you may customize the expression - refer to step 3.


5. Choose the pupil shape. You can choose between SLIT PUPIL or CIRCLE PUPIL. 

Extra cost: custom for specific pupil shape AND/OR shine or sparkle (ie. flower, heart, star) +$5

Pupil shape


You are not permitted to trace, heavily reference, or use my base and my artwork.

What to prepare for the opening of this commission to successfully secure a slot.

  1. Keep your Twitter DMs OPEN (and public account) so that I can contact you.

  2. Your paypal email for invoicing.

  3. Character Reference Image(s)/Reference Sheet (reference sheet preferred). Please have clear image(s) of the character – the colors of the hair, skin, clothing must be easy to see. Colors must be easy to see. You may include the HEX CODE of the specific color if the reference image does not show it clearly. Please use this website to find the specific hex code colors: https://htmlcolorcodes.com/ 

  4. Make sure you choose the options you want for each section (headshape, ears, expression) and please include if you want any customization and accessories added.

  5. Optional: Description of your character. If you want anything specific, you must include it in the form (eg. “Please do not include their glasses”, “Do not draw them with a braid”, “Make their hair straight instead of wavy”, “Do not draw the hat”, etc)

That’s all the information I have for now! Please stay tuned because I will decide on the opening date soon. Keep following for updates on my twitter.

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