NOTICE: Overpaid shipping fee refund

Since this is a new platform to me, I'm still unfamiliar navigating through the settings. For now--until I can figure out a better way to calculate shipping fees on Shopify--if you have overpaid for shipping I will be refunding the excess amount back to you!
(FOR EXAMPLE: You paid $50 for shipping, BUT postage + packaging fees only ended up costing me $30, I will refund $20 back to you)

Not every order will have overpaid for shipping and you won't know if you have or not. I also won't know until I purchase the actual postage + add in the mailing/packaging fees. Also preorders can't be calculated yet.

I am giving a heads up in advance, so there is no confusion when some look in their inbox and see a partial refund for shipping. If you receive a partial refund for shipping it means that there was an excess amount from what was given to me and I am returning it to you.

The refund can range from $1 to $10 or more. It is not guaranteed to happen for your order.

Once again, this refund will NOT apply to everyone's orders!

Please do not email me to inquire if your order qualifies for a shipping refund. I will automatically give the refund if your order is eligible for it! I'm only one cat and doing this by myself can get hectic.

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